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Esthetician Equipment Repairs Montreal

Are you looking for reliable services in esthetician equipment repairs and beautician equipment repairs in Montreal?

Moderne Électronique offers professional services in esthetician equipment repairs and beautician equipment repairs.


For more than 35 years we have been working closely with spas, beauty salon, estheticians, beauticians and beauty care salons, with their equipment repairs needs.

We have developed an excellent expertise in Esthetician Equipment Repairs and we regularly update our knowledge of the new products and equipment in the industry, through training and seminars.

Here are the most common Esthetician Equipment Repairs we do in Montreal:

  •  Magnifying Lamp Repairs;
  • Towel Warmer Repairs;
  • Laser Hair Removal Machine Repairs;
  • Tri-Diode Laser;
  • Wax Heater Repairs;
  • Hair Removal Equipment Repairs;
  • Electrolysis Machine Repairs;
  • Facial Machine Repairs;
  • Hydro dermabrasion Machines repairs;
  • Micro channeling Pen Repairs;
  • & more

Esthetician Equipment Repairs Montreal

35 Years + Expertise in Esthetician / Beautician Equipment Repair

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We are Montreal’s Kitchen Equipment Specialists!