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Inverter Repairs Montreal

Inverter repairs and maintenance .. we do it all! Moderne Électronique offers a full range of Inverters Repairs at our Saint-Leonard, Montreal store. We have develop a  years strong expertise in inverter repairs.

What are inverters?

An inverter is a power electronics device used to generate alternating voltages and currents from a source of direct electrical energy. Its operation is to be dissociated from other converters such as AC/AC converters, rectifiers or even DC/DC converters.

Inverters are just one example of a class of devices called power electronics that regulate the flow of electrical power. Fundamentally, an inverter accomplishes the DC-to-AC conversion by switching the direction of a DC input back and forth very rapidly. As a result, a DC input becomes an AC output.

Most common inverters repairs:

  • Stand-alone inverters (supplies stable voltage and frequency to load)
  • Grid-connected inverters (the most commonly used option)
  • Bimodal inverters (usually more expensive and are used less often)

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