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Restaurant Equipment Repairs Montreal

Are you looking for reliable services in Kitchen equipment repairs in Montreal?
Moderne Électronique offers professional services in kitchen and restaurant equipment repairs.

  • Restaurant Small Equipment Repair Service Montreal
  • Commercial Kitchen Small Equipment Repair Service Montreal
  • Caterer Small Equipment Repair Service Montreal
  • Cafeteria Small Equipment Repair Service Montreal

For more than 35 years we have been working closely with hotels, restaurants, restaurant chains, institutions, grocery stores and markets, with their small kitchen equipment repairs needs.

We have developed an excellent expertise in Small Kitchen Equipment repairs and we regularly update our knowledge of the new products and equipment in the industry, through training and seminars.

Here are the most common kitchen repairs we do in Montreal:

  • Food Processor Repairs;
  • Mixer Repairs;
  • Rice Cooker Repairs;
  • Warmer Repairs;
  • Beverage Dispenser Repairs;
  • Blender Repairs;
  • Electric Small fryer repairs
  • Small Oven repairs
  • Small Convection oven repairs
  • Electric hot table repairs
  • Coffee machine repairs
  • Electric Pot repairs;
  • Toaster repairs
  • Vegetable cutter repairs
  • Steam cooker repairs
  • Steamer repairs
  • Bread oven repairs
  • Electric boiler repairs

Kictchen  Equipment Repair Montreal 

35 Years + Expertise in Restaurant / Kitchen Equipment Repair

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We are Montreal’s Kitchen Equipment Specialists!