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Electronic Board & PCB Repairs Montreal

Industrial PCB repairs or small appliance electronic board repairs .. we do it all! Moderne Électronique offers a full range of Electronic Board Repairs at our Saint-Leonard, Montreal store. We have develop a  years strong expertise in electronic boards repairs.

What are circuit board?

A circuit board aka as PCB, Printed Circuit Board is a core component of almost all electronic devices, to connect and mechanically sync all elements of the product. It’s important to understand that circuit board repair requires the use of the same materials and components used to build the hardware in the first place.

What are circuit board used in?

Printed circuit boards are the foundation of most electronics. PCBs are used in almost every electronic device out there, from mobile smartphones and computers to televisions, coffee makers and vacuums. If a device requires an electrical connection, it’s a safe assumption that there’s some kind of circuit board inside, as small as it might be.

Most common circuit board repairs:

  • Circuit Boards Physical Damage Repairs
  • Circuit Boards Component Failure Repairs
  • Circuit Boards Trace Damage Repairs
  • Circuit Boards Poor Design Repairs
  • Circuit Boards Power Failure Repairs

If you think that a circuit board failure is the reason of your product not working : Contact Us Today!

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